About Quantum Nest

Quantum Nest is a lever for consciousness to employ as it travels across the globe to attune and align the core fractals to manifest the greatest mission on Earth: To Bring the Human Family back to Life.

  • Who are we?

    Quantum Nest, LLC is a virtual city that serves as a platform for healing arts. We hold the space for extraordinary humans to grow into Quantum Leaders of Light. This city was founded by sisters, Aletheia M. and Malakai F. in August 2020.

  • Why do we exist?

    To fulfill our mission to grow Quantum Leaders of Light.

  • What is our mission?

    ​Our mission is to bring a new language into the world where a Quantum Light is seen as a symbol of intelligent energy and a Quantum Nest is home for a Quantum Leader to be born.

Quantum Leader Virtues

These are the seven virtues of a Quantum Leader. These seven ways are housed inside of the Quantum Nest. A Quantum leader creates a nest. The nest holds a cosmic egg.

  • GENEROSITY IS FREEDOM. We commit to the sustainable flow of goods, services and ideas. We open the space for a natural intelligence to grow as an effect of our giving.

  • KINDNESS IS FRIENDSHIP. We see the rose in every thorn. We transform indifference into an energy of gentleness. We value our differences.

  • PATIENCE IS PERCEPTION. We are timeless. We acknowledge when we are trapped in the past, dishonoring ourselves, or lost in the future, deluding ourselves.

  • WISDOM IS MEMORY. We are guides. We are committed to learning and are stewards of our land, responsible for maintaining and upholding the integrity of our system. We are synergetic representatives.

  • EQUANIMITY IS LOVE. We heal through the medicine of empathy. We utilize intuition and emotion, intellect and imagination.

  • SYNARCHY IS CIRCULAR POWER. We are sovereign co-creators of our environment. Our inner and outer worlds are governed by the single and the collective.

  • TRANSCENDENCE IS MIND AT PLAY. We are families branded in light. We understand that the universe is our home. The galaxies are our neighbors. We are vessels of frequencies built from vibrating geometries.

Quantum Nest School of Light

To learn more about multidimensional reality, indigo arts, spiritual technology, quantum science and more, check out one of our Quantum Nest School of Light courses. You will have the ability to learn at your own pace and test your knowledge through quizzes and games. The first group of courses have open enrollments in February and March 2021.


For more information or to request services, please email us at connect@ourquantumnest.com.

  • Personalized Poems

    Would you like to have a personalized poem for yourself or give one to your family, friends or a person you've been thinking about? Email us for more details. Poems start at $15. Check out some of our poems on Instagram @ourquantumnest and sign up for our monthly Poetry Open-Mic night event.

  • Custom Infographics

    Would you like to have an infographic (poster, letter, social media post or other size) related to food, science or art for your office, bedroom, living room, notebook or presentation? Email us to learn more. Infographics start at $20. Check out some of our graphics on Instagram @ourquantumnest.

  • One-on-One Sessions

    During the sessions, we discuss your Gene Keys hologenetic profile as a relationship between your personal gifts, your physiology, and your biochemistry. We will reveal the interconnectedness between these systems to align your Quantum Light to the greater rhythms of your non-physical reality. Sessions are $75/hour.

Cosmic Crystal Messages

Discover the 13 Messages of your cosmic crystal that transforms you from the ordinary human to the extraordinary human.

Take on the journey to unlock the 13 messages of your cosmic crystal. Mystic Messenger, Aletheia M., will help you collect and calibrate the powers of your crystal. The crystal is a lunistellar frequency of symbols and sounds that exists in multiple dimensions. The only way to understand its language is by attuning to ultrasonic signals. The signals follow a discernible rhythm sent from the cosmos to the noospheric chip stored in the corpus callosum of the human brain. The crystal forms a biopsychic energy that unfolds its completed structure into seven spheres of consciousness. Email us at connect@ourquantumnest.com to learn more.

Engagement Opportunities

Becoming a Luminous Listener Member is just the first step. Next - Get Involved!

  • Weekly Virtual Galactic Study Sessions

    Join Aletheia M. every Sunday and Wednesday as she collectively contemplates and teaches how to unlock the gifts from our Multidimensional Selves.

  • Monthly Events

    We invite you to join us monthly and experience our poetry open-mic nights and trivia nights. Check out the Events Page for more details and to register.

  • Blog

    Check out our Blog Page to learn about us, learn more about cosmology, quantum, wellbeing, nature and healing and provide your own feedback and knowledge!