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Cosmic History [CH] Program

Learn the History That Goes Beyond Global History | 7 Courses

The Cosmic History program elevates students' level of awareness regarding galactic consciousness. Students will understand how to experience the sacred order of reality, so they can play with the energy of synchronicity to obtain a higher level of flow in their everyday reality. They will become Conscious Creators, Intelligent Watchers and Artful Responders rather than Destructive, Ignorant Reactors and Powerless Victims. + Free access to the Galactic Study Community. Visit the Events page for more details.

CH Program Courses

Open enrollment for some of the courses will be available March 2021

  • Ch1100: Intro to Cosmic History

  • CH1101: Cosmic History

  • CH1102: Calendars

  • CH1103: Cosmic Perception

  • CH1104: Law of Time

  • CH1301: Multidimensional Reality

  • CH1302: The Synchronic Order

Body Intelligence [BI] Program

Understand and Take Care of Your Body | 6 Courses

The Body Intelligence Program elevates students' awareness and knowledge of how body energies, body systems, body nourishment, body signals and overall healing are interconnected.

BI Program Courses

Open enrollment for some of the courses will be available February 2021

  • BI1100: Intro to Body Intelligence

  • BI1101: Body Intelligence

  • BI1102: Intro to Grains, Herbs and Spices

  • BI1201: Psychobiotics

  • BI1203: Key Figures

  • BI1301: Human Body Systems

Courses Include

1 year access to course material and the following bonus features.

  • Certificate

    Courses include modules with downloadable material, quizzes, exams and videos. After successful completion of the material, each course comes with a certificate of completion.

  • Online Community

    Grow and learn together with others who are developing themselves through our online communities.

  • One-On-One Sessions

    Get assistance from instructors and other professionals related to the course content.

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