Why join the Galactic Study Group?

Let's grow together

  • Expand your Knowledge of Multidimensional Reality

    Continue your growth journey within the realms of cosmic and galactic history and current events.

  • Discuss and Connect with Others

    There is value when people study together. Whether the value is in the form of you being able to share information you have learned, receiving information from someone else or being in an environment to comfortably pose questions to a group for feedback. The group sessions include break out rooms as well.

  • Receive Discounts on Quantum Nest School of Light Courses

    After attending 3 sessions, participants are eligible to receive discounts for courses in the Quantum Nest School of Light and the bookstore.

Join the Galactic Study Community

The Galactic Study Community is perfect for continuing to expand your knowledge beyond the weekly study group sessions. The community is a private online forum where we discuss topics related to our study sessions.