The Human

What is a Human? What is a Human Being? What is Humanity?

On the surface - The Human is a vessel for a Being to live in. Humanity is the soul of the human spirit.

Humans are Vibrational Beings

We move according to specific cycles and rhythms.

Identify the Rhythms

Moons | Weather | Animals | Plants

Observe how you're feeding energy into your body through relationships, nutrition and thoughts. Witness and watch your surroundings regarding the signals that are being sent to you. Once you recognize that you are at the center of the universe, then you can transcend your individual self into a multidimensional self. A multidimensional self is a person who is living in their genius.

Pause and Breathe

Be in the now. Don't let a response be an immediate reaction

Focusing on the future causes anxiety. Replaying the past causes regret. Stay in the present where all possibilities are available for you to choose. When you are in a pause, you grant yourself the authority to choose which energies and thoughts to bring into your aura (invisible personal attractor/energy field) giving you the power to control how you respond to a situation. You will give yourself the ability to respond from a clear conscious state rather than an automatic unconscious state.

Follow Your Rhythm

Rhythms are invisible motions of intelligence that overlay our physical world

The invisible energies (intelligence) serve as guides. Rhythms are musical in nature. A person has to experience their environment like they are listening to a song. They must match the pattern of the flow they are designed to attune too. We were designed with an internal intelligence but we are also in a participatory universe. We are called to be participants and conscious observer of reality.

Heptad 2 | Moon 8 : This week in the 13 Moon Galactic Sychronometer

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  • Dali (2/14)

    Kin 62: WHITE PLANETARY WIND. Affirmation: I Perfect in order to Communicate Producing Breath I seal the input of spirit With the Planetary tone of Manifestation I am guided by the power of Heart

  • Seli (2/15)

    Kin 63: YBLUE SPECTRAL NIGHT. Affirmation:Affirmation for: Blue Spectral Night I Dissolve in order to Dream Releasing Intuition I seal the input of abundance With the Spectral tone of Liberation I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

  • Gamma (2/16)

    Kin 64: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED Affirmation: I Dedicate in order to Target Universalizing Awareness I seal the input of flowering With the Crystal tone of Cooperation I am guided by the power of Intelligence

  • Hali (2/17)

    Kin 65: RED COSMIC SERPENT: I Endure in order to Survive Transcending Instinct I seal the store of life force With the Cosmic tone of Presence I am guided by the power of Universal Water

  • Alpha (2/18)

    Kin 66: WHITE MAGNETIC WORLDBRIDGER. Affirmation:on for: White Magnetic Worldbridger I Unify in order to Equalize Attracting Opportunity I seal the store of death With the Magnetic tone of Purpose I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

  • Limi (2/19)

    Kin 67: BLUE LUNAR HAND. Affirmation: I Polarize in order to Know Stabilizing Healing I seal the store of accomplishment With the Lunar tone of Challenge I am guided by the power of Self-Generation

  • Silio (2/20)

    Kin 68: YELLOW ELECTRIC STAR. Affirmation:I Activate in order to Beautify Bonding Art I seal the store of elegance With the Electric tone of Service I am guided by the power of Free Will

A Simple Cycle

Discover More About The 13 Moon Calendar

What is a Kin? - A relation. A connection. A relative. A family. 

A kin is a mathematical code symbolizing sequences of events. It corresponds to the human gestation period of 260 days (appx. 9-months) and the number of days in a galactic spin.

What is a Heptad? - A cycle of 7 days. A week in the 13 Moon calendar.

A heptad has 4 weeks that correspond to different powers.

Color Decode
Knowledge Initiates View
Humility Refines Meditation
Patience Transforms Conduct
Power Ripens Fruit

What are the four watches of the day?

Watch #
Time of the Day
Watch Name
Midnight to Dawn
Dawn to Noon
Noon to Dusk
Dusk to Midnight

Cosmic Crystal Messages

Messages that help you follow your rhythm

Discover the 13 Messages of your cosmic crystal that transforms you from the ordinary human to the extraordinary human.